Questions Worth Asking Before Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment in BloomsburyAs patients, we want to know the benefits before we decide to undergo a dental treatment, such as Invisalign. We want to be sure that it is the right option and that we will get the results we are expecting. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and you are thinking about getting Invisalign clear aligners, you must ask as many questions as possible to get all the information you need and make the decision.

There are plenty of important things to discuss with your dentist during your initial consultation. Fresh Dental and other dental practices in London offering Invisalign recommend asking these questions to know what to expect during the treatment.

As a Teen

Most teens have little or no knowledge about this innovative teeth-straightening system. If you want to know if the treatment would be painful or how long it will take to see the results, ask your dentist. You might likewise want to know if you can still play sports or maintain your active lifestyle during treatment. Is there any type of food that you need to avoid? What will happen if you forget to wear your clear aligners? Will it affect the treatment and the results? You need detailed answers to these questions.

As a Parent

You want to ensure your teen’s safety and learn if the treatment really works. Ask the dentist about the treatment process, the way it works and everything that’s included. How many times do you need to take your daughter or son to the practice? How much does the treatment cost and what are the payment options? Will the aligners interfere with your teen’s ability to eat and speak?

As an Adult

Whether you have heard about Invisalign or not, asking questions will help you make an informed decision. Let your dentist explain everything about the treatment process. How long will it last and how many visits are necessary? Can you eat and drink while wearing aligners, or should you remove them before doing so? Will you need to wear a retainer after the treatment or not?

Arm yourself with all the necessary information before you sign the patient’s consent. List your questions down so you will not miss anything when you talk to your dentist.