Quick Fixes for Simple Drain Clogs


drainClueless about what to do with that clogged drain? It might seem stubborn, but there are many ways to get rid of that block in your drain. Find out how everyday kitchen items can help you get rid of this annoyance.

Clogged drains are a nuisance that happens to everyone. It’s a problem that can occur when a person does not dispose of their food scraps properly, and the debris makes its way into the drain. This is why it’s a good habit to clean it off your food before washing.

While serious clogs will always require the services of professionals like Beehive Plumbing, you can attempt to do it by yourself first. There are everyday chemicals that can be used in drain cleaning, and they aren’t as corrosive or as harmful as you think.

What Causes Drain Clogging?

Many things can cause a clogged drain. It could be anything from leaves to human hair, but mostly, a drain inside the home will clog because of things that people use. In the kitchen, drains clog because of grease, fat, and leftover food that was disposed of improperly. Shower drains often get in trouble because of hair, while toilets and other drains do get clogged because of foreign objects like toys, jewelry, and other objects.

Items you can use for De-clogging

There are two main ways for a homeowner to clear a clogged drain easily.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda combination – Vinegar and baking soda is an effective de-clogger, and it is environmentally friendly. Using it in combination with boiling water should create a very strong effect, but be careful not to get scalded.
  2. Cable Auger – Use this only if you have some advanced knowledge about how to clear a drain. A plumber’s snake can and will challenge you the most, simply because of the technique required in using it.
Keeping that Drain Clean

One of the best ways to prevent having a clogged drain is to watch what goes into it. Remember to clean off leftover bits of food before washing your dishes. Keep children — and their toys — away from the drain so that foreign objects won’t venture forth inside. Being vigilant in keeping your drain unclogged will take out the need for cleaning in the future.