Raise Your A-Game: Increasing the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Small Food Business

food business

food businessYour management prerogative can determine the success of your business. Even if the decisions involved are not too big, you will be surprised at how even the smallest purchase orders can spell the difference between a massive success and a stale neighborhood diner. Below, Titan Slicing Systems shares three tips on how to make your business flourish with simple but smart business decisions.

Make Smart Purchases

Before you approve that supply order, think of the alternatives you have that offer long-term benefits and advantages. In every food business, taste is important, but consistency and speed also weigh heavily. One smart purchase to make is a commercial food slicer. It will not only improve the consistency of the food you dish out, but it will also lessen the preparation time of the food you serve. This makes for great customer service.

Get a Technology Update

Even the smallest update in technology can cause massive increases in your company’s efficiency and ultimately, profits. Upgrade your counters to computerised, touch screen systems; invest in kitchen helpers such as a commercial food slicers, top grade coffeemakers and speed mixers. You will increase the speed of work, the consistency of output and the overall productivity.

Identify Productivity Factors

What key factors contribute to the productivity of your personnel? Determine what you can do to trigger these factors and help maintain this level of productivity. Pay attention to your personnel. How do they work and are there significant changes in their work flow during peak hours of lunch or dinner service? Remember that customer service can make or break your business and pay attention to these key factors.

Write down these three simple tips to help remind yourself of the importance of small decisions. Be mindful of your strategies, policies and decisions and see your business work its way to the top.