Redecorating your Beach House with Minimal Costs

Beach HouseRedecoration or renovation is an expensive endeavour. It needs careful planning and proper budget allocation. However, you can do the redecoration and totally alter the overall appearance of a room with window treatments. On the other hand, you can go on with your renovation doing the least expensive part first, giving you ample time to save for a major renovation.

Before starting your endeavour, here are a couple of things to do and save on your budget:

Sheer Window Curtains

Curtains can make your window look great and provide the romantic ambience. It can provide enough protection from the sun’s heat but sheer enough not to block the light. If you enjoy sunlight and breeze going through the curtains, adding a white sheer curtain will add personality to the room, says The Timbershades Group.

Plantation Shutters

These type of shutters are great for beach houses. They provide both privacy and view of the outside, as well as letting the sunlight and sea breeze. Adding shutters to your window like plantation shutters can add beauty to your house. They can be custom-made to fit any type of window. You can have the half part closed with movable louvres for privacy. However, if you are to order for your window, have the full window done instead of half, for it costs basically the same.

Wood Blinds

Window blinds is also an option. It can provide an Oriental theme to your room. It can also be ordered with prints on them to give the room with a different personality.

When you have limited funds for renovation, window treatments will usually do the trick. It will not cot as much but it will give the house or room a renewed look. You can postpone the renovation or do it part by part, doing the window treatments first.