Regain Your Freedom with a Walk-in Bathtub

A Bathing ElderlyWhen people reach their senior years, age-related deterioration of their balancing reflexes means that they are more likely to fall over. Less ability to absorb nutrients from food also means that bones become thinner and prone to fractures. Falls cause more than 200,000 hip fractures every year in the U.S.

Bathrooms can be particularly dangerous for seniors because of wet surfaces and difficulty in climbing in and out of the tub. A quarter of all hospital admissions in over 65’s involve falling accidents, many of them in the bathroom.

Prevent Falls with a Walk-in Tub

There is one way you can reduce the risk of bathroom accidents – get a walk-in bathtub for the elderly.

No Climbing – A watertight door in the bath means the person can just walk in and out instead of having to climb over the side of the tub.  Some models of a bath can accommodate wheelchairs and have outward opening doors.  The design means they may be able to bath independently.

Portable – Walk-in tubs can be portable and used in conjunction with a sink unit so it can be set up in any room.  It also means that a regular bath or shower can remain for other members of the household.

Non-Slip Surfaces – Walk-in tubs come with integral non-slip surfaces for extra safety.  Grab handles can also be added.  These are useful when mobility is limited or after surgery.

Spa Treatment – Some bath models come with an aromatherapy spa option.  The user can sit in warm, bubbling water to ease arthritis and other age-related conditions.

Find the Right Bath for You

For more information on bathtubs for the elderly and how they can preserve independence or discuss different types of an accessible bathtub, see a provider’s website or ask for a brochure.