Safeguard the Environment and the Waterways from the Harmful Effect of Used Oil

Safeguard the Environment and the Waterways from the Harmful Effect of Used Oil

Recycling Used OilWhile the thought of recycling often seems far-fetched, it should be close and dear to all human beings. Paper, metals and glass come to mind when people talk of recycling. Reusing such items bear considerable benefits on the environment. However, these benefits pale in comparison to ones that result from recycling used petroleum products.

Don’t Throw Away Used Oil

Next time you lift a tall glass of refreshing cold water, pause and consider what would happen if it had the unmistakable smell of oil. Recoil would no doubt be the first reaction, and then you would pour the water down the drain. You would probably make a point of raising the concern with the relevant water authorities in NZ. Would you consider your habit of taking out used oil with the garbage or pouring it down the drain to be part of the problem?

Next time you change the oil in your car, truck or lawnmowers, don’t just throw it away. Rather, you should take it to a collection centre and keep it away from the waterways. For large amounts of oil waste, recovery specialists such as Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited dispose of oil in a sustainable way.

Dispose of Used Oil Containers Correctly

Given the viscous nature of oil, it tends to stick to the containers, posing a great environmental hazard. Studies say that one gallon of used oil may contaminate over a million gallons of freshwater. You should rethink the disposal of used oil storage tanks. Shipping them to a landfill only serves to compound the problem. Many recycling plants are well equipped to handle such disposals. If unsure, contacting the local recycling coordinator can point you in the right direction. A quick search on the internet also helps you to locate the nearest collection centres.

Used oil poses a considerable threat to the environment, and as such, you need to dispose of it correctly. With these credible pointers, you can keep the harmful oil and petroleum products from contaminating the waterways.