Safeguard Your Business Against Data Breaches in 2 Effective Moves

a padlock and a key with data breach text on top of a circuit board

Many companies overlook the need to keep their IT infrastructure safe and secure until it is too late. It is only after they suffer a security breach that they realise how extensive it damages their business reputation.

Incidences of data breaches are increasingly becoming a common occurrence in the news. What often doesn’t make the reports is the devastating effects such breaches have on the hacked company’s reputation. As was the case with Ashley Madison, millions of users of the dating websites had their personal information exposed.

Many lives were ruined following the breach of the online dating service that had assured its users of utmost data privacy. You’re unlikely to regain the trust of your clients following such a privacy violation. Even a supplier of encrypted USB sticks knows this.

Update your passwords regularly

While hacking is a delicate yet complex process, hackers can only do real damage to your system if you let them through the door. The hacking process often involves probing a system for weaknesses that can be exploited. Weak and easy to guess passwords are often the easiest way into a system.

Therefore, you should not use weak passwords that are easy to guess or crack. Experts suggest that secure passwords are at least 12 characters long. Preferably, they should be a mixture of alphanumeric characters as these are hard to break even by brute force. Most importantly, you should update your passwords every 60 days.

Improve your workers’ IT skills

Like a chain, your system is only as strong as the weakest link. Hackers can access a secure system because someone using the system has slipped up. It could be as simple as opening a file with a keylogger using weak passwords or failing to update the system.

Regularly training your employees in using the IT systems is an incredible way to lower such risks. It will help avoid taking actions that could jeopardise your entire systems. It also improves their ability to identify a problem and to report it in good time.

A data breach in your company dramatically undermines the amount of trust that your clients have in your business. Hence, you need to take every possible measure to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure from criminal elements.