Save Money from Costly Repairs: The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Man doing roof maintenancePeople are always looking for easy fixes to the problems of their houses. It is their largest investment, after all. Loose shingles is one thing, but recurring leaks is another. Sometimes, it is enough to hammer in a few shingles, but there are times when a major repair job is necessary. Flashing, caulks, gutters, and supporting structures may need the attention of a professional, as these are tiny but important parts of a house.

Why Maintenance Matters

Extending the life of the roof saves any homeowner a huge amount of money. One must realize that a proper inspection will likely reveal small problems. Regular maintenance extends the time between repairs and replacement. A 10 to 15-year-old roof will survive for years from initial installation without much attention. However, after that time, regular inspection is necessary in order to prevent bigger issues from cropping up and catching a homeowner unaware.

What Does Maintenance Entail?

There is more to roof maintenance than gutter cleaning. In Maryland, numerous houses present signs of wear and tear, such as curling shingles, rust, and moss stains. Roof maintenance requires more than ensuring rainwater has a clear passageway. The downspouts may be pristine, but how about the fascia and soffits? If a professional goes up there to inspect, he will check every aspect of the surface, and this includes the supporting structures.

A homeowner shouldn’t wait for the roof to collapse before investing in professional inspection. When a house has aged, it is better to avail of preventive measures, and ensure the roof that can protect the rest of the house, ensuring that everything is still in optimal condition.

Signs Requiring Immediate Attention

While loose shingles can wait, wetness in the ceiling, or water leaking in the attic are urgent issues that need to be addressed immediately. Water damage may start small, but with neglect, it can expand into something big and expensive to repair. Before a homeowner becomes aware, he or she may have to pay for structural repairs as well as mold remediation.

Bringing a garden hose to the roof to remove debris and clean the gutters may not be enough when the roof reaches a certain age. It always helps to invest in professional inspection and maintenance as early as possible.