Scary Spice’s Spicy Come Back

Are you guilty of being a Spice Girls fan in the 90’s? I know I am. If you remember Mel Brown or Scary Spice then you know that it’s been quite a while since she last came out with a song.  Just recently, Scary Spice debuted a new single called, “For Once In My Life.” I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this comeback. It’s like my childhood all over again.

True to her pop background, the new song is something you can dance to. It’s fun, loud, and silly. I actually wondered if the girl ever took a break since she didn’t seem to be missing a beat after eight years!

After reading some more about her, I found out that the answer is no. After her Spice Girls days, she did a lot of things including judging America’s Got Talent and an International X-factor series. She even has an upcoming movie! Not to mention regularly guest hosting on the Today Show.

It’s no wonder the girl is as lively and rocking as how I remember her. Scary Spice is back, but I still wonder about Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Posh. Well, I know how Posh Spice’s life turned out, of course. Who could miss the headlines about Mrs. Beckham? I say what we need right now is another Spice Girls Reunion concert!