Selecting a New Water Heating System for Your Home

New Water Heating SystemA hot water heater is a device that converts energy to heat, and transfers that heat to water. If you live in Denver, you’ll find plumbing companies like in your area that sell and install these devices. The water heater is connected to an incoming cold water pipe and release hot water through its outgoing pipe, or network of pipes, that delivers hot water to the faucets and water-consuming appliances in the home.

Water heating makes up almost 20% of your monthly energy expenses. If you have been using your old water heater for several years, it will be a smart investment to replace it with the latest model. You may need to pay more for an energy-efficient system that will save you a bundle over time, so do your homework.

Water heater types

A conventional water heater holds the heated water in its tank. Tankless water heaters eliminate the tank and is instead routed directly to the taps and appliances. While most water heaters are powered by fuel oil and natural gas, propane, electric and solar-powered versions are also available. Where natural gas is abundant, it is using the most energy-efficient way for heating water in your home.

Energy-saving tip

Whether you go for the conventional tanked water heater or prefer a tankless version, you can optimize your household’s hot water consumption and save some money. Lower the water heater’s thermostat setting to 120 degrees to minimize energy costs and prevent scalding incidents.

Child safety tip

If you have children in your household, the water heater temperature setting shouldn’t go over 120 degrees to avoid scalding injuries. Some children don’t know the difference between the hot and cold knobs on sinks and tubs. Setting the heat to the 120-degree limit will prevent serious accidents that can end up in a hospital emergency room.

There is a wide range of water heaters for you to choose from. If you would consider your home needs, know the budget you can afford and determine your commitment level to save energy, then there wouldn’t be any problem in picking the right water heater model for your family and home.