Selling & Reselling: Storage Advice for the Online Retail Entrepreneur

Online Retail EntrepreneurThanks to e-commerce, venturing into the retail business has become easier and more cost-effective. Nowadays, you can start an online store for a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar store.

What should you sell?

  • Make your own products

Many people have discovered that they can now sell what they make faster and easier to anyone around the world. From art, handicrafts, clothes, and toys to soaps and other related beauty products, you now have an avenue for marketing and selling them.

  • Resell others’ products

Don't have the talent to make items that sell? Why not resell another person's work. Another way is to become an affiliate marketer, which means starting a website and providing links to stores with affiliate programs like Amazon. Whenever someone uses your link to get to the site and buys something, you get a small commission. Eventually, the commissions add up.

How should you store your products?

If you need storage, you can use your house or at least one part of it like the garage — if it’s big enough for your needs. To add more space, Canning Vale Storage Units recommends renting self-storage units that are near your location for faster delivery. As warehouses are too big and pricey, storage units have become a solution for online entrepreneurs.

How should you deliver the products?

Forward an order to the parent company (if you are a reseller) and they will handle the delivery. If the operation is yours, you can ship your products directly through your preferred courier. What you need is to arrange with them regarding their special rates for bulk orders. You might even get a pick-up and delivery arrangement.

These are some of the basics of operating an online retail store. Visit your local council to discuss permits, licenses, and other requirements to start your business.