Sewage Treatment Options

Septic tank alternative for wastewater treatment

The purpose of a septic tank is to retain solid waste in an on-site residential waste-water treatment system, as well as partially treat sewage septic effluent to improve sanitation. A typical septic tank treats forty percent of waste water before it is discharged into the environment. There are many kinds of waste-water treatment choices explains the experts at Naturalflow, from single and multiple compartments to septic tank alternatives.

Single and multiple compartments

A septic tank that contains multiple compartments essentially means that any sludge or solid waste are efficiently separated from the septic effluent before its discharge to a drain field. Examples of septic tanks which use numerous compartments include a final pumping chamber, media filters, aerobic systems or effluent filters. These improve the waste water level treatment as well as the absorption field’s service expectancy.

Single septic tanks have to be pumped every three to five years. This type of septic tank has to be pumped the instant the sludge layer is twelve inches of the outlet.

Septic tank alternatives

Septic tank alternatives are a method of on-site waste-water disposal that is different from the traditionally used septic tank. Some countries require a professional design of an alternative septic system approved by their local health department.

The residual effluent treatment is usually processed in the soil underneath or surrounding the drain field. Other alternative septic systems are treated to higher levels of oxygenation or other chemicals.

An aerobic treatment system is a pre-packaged system that is essentially a mini-waste water treatment plant used for the home. The system is fed into a trash tank, and the effluent gets transferred to a clarifier. Oxygen is then pumped through to provide oxidation. These units are used at specific sites where a traditional drain field cannot be installed.

Septic tanks, whether they are the traditional or septic tank alternatives, are very cost effective to use in the long term.