Shoot Revenues with a Smarter Approach to Asset Management


MiningMining companies are always at risk of dropped productivity and tighter margins. Rather than watch efficiency drop to an all-time low, companies can resort to one of the most effective solutions: a smarter asset management strategy.

Why the Mines Need Assets

The availability of assets is vital to your productivity. Should a breakdown occur and you lack spare parts, operations must stop, which can cost you more. When equipment fails catastrophically, it results in work disruptions, negative economic impact and the loss of lives.

A number of mining companies attempt to prevent such incidences through preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, this also places a heavy weight on your finances. Depending on the environment and equipment in which the mine operates, regular maintenance and repair of parts may take place unnecessarily. This counters the recent goal of getting the most out of your assets.

The Key to Ensuring Optimisation

Smarter asset management performance is the solution to all of your woes. To ensure optimisation and the necessary maintenance and repair of equipment, it pays to successfully strike a balance between too much and too little of anything. Technology paves the way for easier solutions. With the help of comprehensive mining asset management software, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns. This innovative and smarter approach to asset performance management relies on real-time data analysis.

This often involves incorporating maintenance data and historic assets with real-time information from sensors. By harnessing technology’s capabilities, you empower the maintenance and operations team as they determine the performance of your assets.

Winning with Smarter Asset Management

This smarter approach opens numerous opportunities for mines to improve their operations. For example, it determines risk factors associated with failure, prioritises assets in line, as well as create future policies and effective budgeting strategies.

By reducing unnecessary maintenance and improving productivity, you save more on your finances. It also eliminates the risk of injuries in the area, as well as enhances your mining operations.