Should You Consider Living Near a School?

Happy family moved near their daughter's school

Looking for a new home could be exciting and stressful at the same time, especially if you have children going to school. Aside from choosing your ideal house, living near some of the amenities that matter to you like schools should be highly considered. In many countries including the Philippines, it’s ideal for parents to settle near their kids’ school.

Here are some of the answers to why you should consider living near a school to help you come up with a smart decision on your next home.

Will it give me a peace of mind?

Living near the school will significantly reduce the risks of your children from getting struck by fast vehicles. There are lots for sale in Cavite that are walking distance to schools. Since you live near your children’s school, it’s easy for you to have a good connection with other parents who have children going to the same school. Your children will likely play with their friends at parks or playgrounds inside the school, and community members can monitor them for you. Another advantage of this kind of living is that it will help you save more than you don’t have to spend on costly school bus services or gas to drive your kids to school.

How my children will benefit from having a home near a school?

It’s common for children to forget things when they leave for school, and they would be glad if they can simply walk back home to get something they forget. Children often like the idea of having a sense of independence, and in the long run, it could help them become responsible adults as they manage their own time. Most of all, it’s easy for your children to meet their friends as they don’t have to commute to go to playhouses.

Living near schools could be a great choice if you have small children attending school. Parents and children will both benefit from it as they can have a peace of mind and enjoyable living.