Site Start-up: Responsive Design and its Benefits

small business websites

Responsive web design works. Regardless of the website and the industry it caters to, you can have a business site that addresses your clients’ needs. In fact, it’s important for a star-up to look for companies offering services for small business websites. This way, they can also improve their SEO efforts. Here are some reasons why:

small business websites

Single URL

Responsive web design works on any device, be it a widescreen desktop monitor or a smartphone. There’s no need to create a separate URL for mobiles and have it optimised for search engines. With this, you can maintain all backlinks and focus your online marketing efforts on a single URL only.

Lower Bounce Rate

Mobile websites tend to look different from their desktop counterpart, mainly because of screen space limitations. It can affect the user experience, which can lead to visitors leaving the site immediately. Higher bounce rate can your website’s rankings dropping significantly. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise the content you display because responsive web design adjusts everything for your visitors.

Responsive web design for small businesses is helpful for those who are building their online presence. It’s an effective strategy to keep your SEO efforts in one place, so you can improve and focus on the more important details of your site.