Smart Ways to Increase Your Gas Station Profit

Hand filling up a car with gasGas stations may seem like a no-lose business as more people depend on it for power. You’ll find that due to a tight competition, however, keeping your gas station profitable can still be problematic. That being said, here are some ways to keep your gas station profitable:

Offer Mobile Gas Refuel

It happens to the best of us: Sometimes, people find themselves with an empty tank in the middle of nowhere. Check out those mobile fuel tanks for sale so you can offer gas-delivery to car owners who find themselves in an emergency. Add a few more for service and your gas station will likely gain loyal customers.

Offer a Card Based Loyalty Program

Promote loyalty by encouraging customers to register and be part of an exclusive membership where they can avail of various perks and freebies. It can be something as simple as new items each time they reach a specific amount of refuels or even a discount each time they make a purchase. You can also establish a point system that lets them redeem certain prizes.

Partner Up with Other Businesses

Improve your loyalty program by partnering up with other businesses, so they can redeem items or purchase products from your partner companies. For example, they can use their card to purchase items from fast food restaurants at a discount — or perhaps even for free.

Add Extra Services in Your Station

A convenience store is perhaps the most common extra you can find in gas stations. You can also put up an air and water pump for customers or even have their windows wiped every time they go for gas. All of these are fairly standard offerings, but there’s no harm in giving them to your clients. Dream up other extra services like free drinking water or free stickers to drum up the loyalty.

Of course, don’t forget to invest in a reliable staff that will treat your customers properly. Combined with proper security, your gas station can easily become a hugely profitable business.