Smarten Up: Looking Good on Your First Date

First Dates First date? Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than this? It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed.But don’t let these feelings get you down. Think of it as an opportunity to meet your potential life partner. With that, you need to smarten up and make yourself look good.

A golden piece of advice that you should keep in mind: dress up! While it’s a must, it’s still necessary that you pick the clothes that will highlight your assets. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips:

Dress Your Size

The style is important, but the fit is more important! The right fit of clothes can highlight your physical assets. It will make your body look proportioned. With this, it’s not wise to wear anti-size clothes if you’re too thin and lanky. Likewise, wearing tight clothes in an attempt to look slim will have awkward results. What you need to do is determine which size suits you with different brands. You can also have your clothes repaired by a tailor.

Where’s the Date Place?

The venue of the meet-up dictates the type of attire. If it’s going to be a fancy restaurant, it just makes sense that you wear a suit or just put on a blazer to make it quite formal. For ladies, a little black dress can do the trick. You can choose to dress down if the venue is relaxed or quite laid back.

Be Confident

This is the most important piece of advice you need to keep in mind. No matter how well your clothes are, they won’t make you look appealing unless you’re confident. Confidence is the foundation of looking good. Bear that in mind. Don’t forget to wear your most reliable accessory: your smile. So make it a point to visit your family dentist in Lakeville.

To widen your look inspiration, you can check out different look books and magazines.  You should also practice your opening lines that will lead you and your dates to a fun conversation.