Social Media Updates for the Second Quarter of 2015

Social Media Updates

Social Media UpdatesNowadays, almost every digital marketing effort involves social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others were once only a means to communicate between users, but now even businesses see them as platforms to promote and sell. They create their own accounts to reach a wider audience.

Business owners often look for the best SEO resellers and providers that are aware of the recent changes and updates online, especially social media.


Facebook performed two major updates with their messaging services—the video call feature of Messenger and Hello, a new app that allows users to see who is calling, search for people and places, and block unwanted calls. A threat to Google may be coming because Facebook is testing an in-app search engine that retrieves content for its users without the need to visit Google itself. Facebook also introduced Author Tags, allowing users to follow authors of content on Facebook easily.


Twitter has been testing their promoted tweets ad feature, but promised that they won’t let this blend with other content to avoid misleading users. They noted that they’re adding a “Suggested by Twitter” label and a break to make them easier to identify.

Tweets have returned to Google on mobile devices. Whether on Google mobile app or any mobile browser, users will start seeing indexed real-time tweets in their search results pages. Indexed tweets are available for US English searches at present.


Pinterest recently announced their partnership with mobile app Buffer to make it easier for users to pin consistently and schedule their posts. They have also made it easier to find users and pins with their streamlined search suggestion. A one-click shopping option may soon happen with Pinterest’s buyable pins, giving businesses another platform to sell their products.

As social media keeps on evolving, businesses and their respective digital marketing companies should stay updated on new features they can use. This is to help improve their rankings and conversions.