The SoLoMo Bottomline

using a smartphone

The term “SoLoMo” has generated quite a buzz lately, especially in digital marketing circles. Even if you are relatively new to the industry, there is a huge chance you have stumbled upon the concept already.

using a smartphone

Still, only a few companies in San Diego like Future-Ink Website Design & Development are familiar with SoLoMo or, to be exact, how it can benefit their search engine optimization campaign. If you want to dig deeper and use SoLoMo to its fullest potential, read on.

What is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo is the acronym for the words social, location, and mobile. The catch-all term perfectly captures the current state of digital marketing today, as more SEO companies are concentrating their efforts on social media outlets, local presence strength, and mobile platform compatibility.

What does it mean to consumers?

Due to the conveniences that SoLoMo-integrated applications bring, consumers are evidently the biggest gainers. Users of popular apps like FourSquare and Yelp utilize this to full effect. For instance, they can easily locate a particular store and share their experience all with the touch of a finger.

How can businesses benefit from it?

SoLoMo offers load of possibilities for businesses to streamline their SEO campaign. This gives them a framework to work on and focus their efforts on implementing effective strategies. They can also better manage their targets and adjust their marketing plans.

SoLoMo is all about having the right perspective. In digital marketing, this translate to using the best tools—social, location, and mobile—to achieve success.