Sound Investing with House and Land Packages in Melbourne


HouseMany people today are looking to invest in real estate, but do not know which type of real estate package to look into.  Single-family units, condos, and apartments – the choices are many. One particular choice that stands out are house and land packages in Melbourne.

Premier community Manor Lakes explains why this is an example of sound investment practice.


When you invest in a house and land package in Melbourne, you get to enjoy the convenience of not having to bother yourself with the construction and other headaches that go into real estate investing. The product is already ready and all you have to do is sell it or use it.  If you are not experienced with the ins and outs of construction, then this is the best method to enter the world of real estate.


When you invest in a favourable house and land package, you have freedom in choosing the most suitable block and even customise the house design so as to make it more attractive to potential tenants. You can suit the conveniences based on your budget and objectives.  Using this approach, you can choose the best possible tenant and then tailor the house in a way that will fit their requirements.


Tenants are always looking for new properties to stay in. As a landlord, you would like the opportunity to attract highly reliable and long term tenants for your property. Moreover, with a new home, you get to charge premium rent rates so as to get higher returns for your investment.


New homes require little or no maintenance in the short term.  Fixtures and fittings are still covered by manufacturer warranties as well as builder guarantees. The warranties often last for five years, depending on where it is located. This translates to maximum savings and profit.