Stairs Treads: Types of Modern Stair Rails

spiral stairs

Often, most constructors and homeowners focus too much on the stairs themselves that they forget about the rails. This is because; they lack knowledge on the value that modern rails add to their homes.

Since rails tend to be the focal point of a sort in your home, notes that it is essential to ensure that you pick the right piece. This will not only ensure that the stair treads in your home blend well with their rails, but will also maximise safety and usability.

With that said, here are some stair rail options you could consider.

Horizontal steel

These rails are best used on modern but minimalist homes. Being horizontal, steel stair rail assumes a more professional appearance, which is also easy to blend in a residential home.

To achieve a contemporary uniform look on the stair structure, use a handrail that is thinner than the normal rails, and maintain colour consistency. That is, if you want a dark metal handrail, ensure you have dark wooden stair treads.


A few years back, a wooden rail was a thing of country living in some far away land. However, this has changed over the past few years as wood now offers a twist that gives even the most contemporary homes a run for their money.

From its distinct wood types to the various stains and designs, wood makes for perfect stair rails for any home.

Frosted Glass rails

This ranks among the most attractive stair rail options available today and is best suited for homes that have plenty of natural light. It comes in plain frost as well as creatively crafted designs to perfectly fit into your home. This glass rail brings about an ambiance of sophistication in a home.

An attractive staircase automatically qualifies as the focal point in any home. With the gradual development over the years, most interior designers focus on making the stair structure a star of their home projects.

To get the best results on your stairs treads and rails, ensure that you contrast colours with the rest of the house for them to pop out.