Stress-free Removals: The Safe Way to Move Heavy Furniture

Stress-free Removals

Stress-free Removals in Stanmore BayAny kind of heavy lifting puts immense amounts of stress on the body. Moving a sofa, a piano, or any kind of heavy furniture without guidance may cause acute musculoskeletal problems. If you would rather spend the first week in your new home stress- and injury-free, pay attention to these pointers from moving experts.

Prepare by measuring furniture and entryways

As Rodney Removals always advise to clients, one of the many preparations you need to make is determining the actual dimensions of the furniture. You may not have a problem taking it out of the current spot. After all, it fits through the doorway with a few inches to spare. But, will your new home accommodate it? Is the door wide enough? If there is a hallway, will there be room to manoeuvre?

Dismantling furniture is one option. For solid items you cannot take apart, check first if entryways are wide enough. You may have to remove the door hinge, so the furniture fits. If the dimensions do not match your furnishings, you can rent storage space instead. By measuring beforehand, you’ll save yourself time and effort.

Remove all the contents prior to moving

Although it takes time to empty it out, your heavy furniture will be lighter once you have removed the contents. Don’t risk injury, or take the chance of all the items falling out by accident. You don’t want someone to get hit, or end up cleaning broken pieces from furnishings. Check every drawer before you move armoires and dressers. After making sure they are empty, secure the latches and locks for an incident-free transfer.

Protect your furniture

During the move, heavy furniture may be dented and scratched. Wood is particularly prone to gouging, which you need to repair later on. Your sofa upholstery may rip accidentally when it gets caught on hinges. All you need to do to prevent damage is to wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap.

Moving heavy furniture is more than just lifting. With good planning and preparation, you are less likely to encounter problems during your furniture removals.