Study Says Average Guest Spends $888 per Wedding

Wedding budget on a chalkboard

Most of us think that attending a wedding as a guest only requires minimal spending. However, a study showed that guests spend more than they think for each event.

These findings are from analyzing all wedding-related expenses such presents and transportation. We simply overlook these costs after confirming our attendance.

Wedding Costs

According to the study, each guest spends an average of $118 for a wedding gift. If you like to spend a lower amount, you need to find out if the couple has created a gift registry that lists all items and prices. There’s a chance that lower-priced items will disappear quickly from the list. As such, you have to claim your preferred present as early as possible.

Other expenses include travel and accommodation. These can cost up to $650 on average per person. In case the wedding takes place from another state — say you live in New York and the reception will be in a party venue in Corpus Christi, Texas — be on the lookout for bargain flights. Guests usually receive wedding invitations months in advance. If so, you’ll have more time to prepare and save up for this.

Matrimony Laws

In the US, the topic of weddings among young people have been the subject of intense debate for years. Some states allow persons below 18 years old to exchange wedding vows. Others, however, claim this practice to be a form of abuse to human rights.

In Texas, the government has imposed new laws that require anyone to be at least 18 years old before changing their marital status. The issue, however, becomes more complicated when a pregnant teenager enters the picture.

The amount you spend each time you attend a wedding should not always be large. Couples invite people to have others share the important occasion with them. In the context of teenage weddings, what do you think is the preferable age to tie the knot?