Surviving the Hot Weather: Gardening Tips for Summer


Summer has officially started in Australia. While the season offers a perfect time to relax and enjoy, however, it poses great risk to some trees and landscape plants. During summer, some plants flourish, while others struggle. To keep your garden alive during the hot season, landscaping companies in Perth, Western Australia suggest performing these simple tasks:


Weed Once a Week

Summer is the time when tiny weeds grow rapidly. So hoe them or pull them by hand before they use the nutrients in the soil that are intended for your annuals and perennials.

Dead Head Spring Bulbs

Clip off any bulb or seedpods that may have formed on your tulips, grape hyacinths, and daffodils. This will encourage health for the next growing season. Bulb flowers that aren’t deadheaded will start to re-seed themselves. If this happens, it would take five to six years for them to grow new flowers.

Water Plants Regularly

Adequate water is most important during summer. To prevent drying out, landscaping companies suggest watering plants in pots daily and feeding them with some liquid fertiliser weekly. Surround a layer of mulch on the base of your trees, perennials, and shrubs to conserve moisture.

Summer gardening involves a lot of watering, weeding, and deadheading. These simple tasks don’t just protect plants from the scorching heat, but also help them grow healthier.