Teeth Protection: The Different Types of Dental Crowns

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry procedures improve the appearance of teeth, but it does more than just that. It also supports the teeth, especially when damaged by decay and other microorganisms. This is why many dentists recommend dental crowns for those who need to cover the teeth’s surface. There are different types, depending on the appearance you’re aiming for and your budget:

cosmetic dentistry

1. Stainless Steel – Prefabricated crowns made of such material serves as a temporary measure on permanent teeth. Dentists use this on children to prevent further tooth decay. Placement doesn’t require multiple dental visits, which is a common fear among kids, and is affordable.

2. Metals – Dentists use alloys like gold, palladium, and nickel or chromium in metal crowns. It’s highly durable because it resists biting and chewing forces. The only downside is its color, which is evident and may not look that good.

3. Full porcelain – This offers a better appearance, as it matches the natural color of the teeth. It’s also ideal for those who have metal allergies. Most dentists use this for the front teeth.

4. Metal-fused porcelain – Dentists can match this crown to the color of your teeth. It’s less durable, though, because it can chip or break off. While it looks like normal teeth, a dark line is visible under the crown’s porcelain.

Dental crowns protect weak teeth from decaying and breaking, and hold a cracked tooth together. If you have tooth problems, then an affordable cosmetic dentist may help you.