Teeth Whitening in Belfast — The Perfect Finale

a woman at the dentist

The simplicity of teeth whitening in Belfast means that it can easily be added to most treatment plans for patients who want a complete smile makeover. There are many procedures that can benefit from a tooth-whitening finale such as orthodontic work or repairing a crack.

A smile makeover is a treatment plan that involves one or more procedures like teeth whitening in Belfast. It is one of the services offered by dentists like Blue Sky Dentistry. It begins with a consultation to ascertain the patient expectations and goals. This is the start of a productive dialogue that will result in a positive outcome for the patient in terms of oral health and confidence.

One of the reasons to have a smile makeover is to show off excellent results. The visual impact can sometimes benefit from a little assistance if the work you have had is discreet. That’s where teeth whitening comes in. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a holiday or just for you, people will be commenting on your smile and appreciating your new-look.

Exceptions to The Rule

Teeth whitening is a great treatment because it works in most situations. If the underlying teeth are in a good state of health and intact, the procedure can usually go ahead after a quick check by the dentist. This might be done at a check-up or during a smile makeover consultation.

There are only a few cases where teeth whitening in Belfast may not be the right treatment. This includes patients where the stains on their teeth are built into the structure of their smile. This happens in cases where some form of chemical input took place when the teeth were forming. In these cases, the dentist and patient need to explore other options for improving the look of the teeth.

Pregnant women should not get their teeth whitened until after they have given birth. Their teeth may be extra sensitive, and it is not advisable to undertake any elective dental work during gestation.

Finally, minors are not able to have this treatment. Anyone over the age of 16 years may be able to consider going ahead with teeth whitening.