The 5 Notorious Gutter Problems

Gutter Problems in UtahGutters are important for not only keeping water away from the foundation of your house but also in preventing water logging on the landscape. For the gutters to perform these primary roles, they must be well installed and maintained. If you neglect them, you may end up paying heavily. 

Consider the following problems that always leave Utah homeowners regretting, according to Double T. Inc.

1. Clogging

If your gutter system is poorly maintained and you live near trees, branches, twigs, and leaves will settle there and cause clogging. Initially, the problem may only be an overflow of water. If left unchecked for long, clogged gutters lead to wrecked foundations, siding damage, basement flooding, and mold damage.

2. Leakages

Leakages are also common in Utah residential gutter systems. Depending on the extent of the leak, you may need to repair the hole with caulk or simply get a new rain gutter Utah.

3. Trees and Shrubs

You know you are dealing with considerable gutter damage when you have overgrowths such as trees and shrubs. Usually, this is a case of extreme neglect on the side of the homeowner. Wisteria plants can replace everything in the gutters completely leading to damage of various house components including siding, foundation, structure and doors.

4. Infestation of Pests

Snakes, squirrels, birds, insects and other critters can camp in your gutters and cause all manner of obstructions. If you do not have the necessary extermination or elimination techniques, it is better to contact an expert in Utah.

5. Poor Gutter Installation

Faulty installation can show in many ways. For example, the outer edge of the gutter being higher than the inner one. In such a case, water clogging will lead to spillage on the ceiling lining. A more common installation issue is a faulty pitch. As water finds it hard to flow through the downspouts, the results are rust, mosquitoes, foundation damage and siding damage.

Repairing and replacing gutters promptly may seem tasking and expensive, but it is worth the effort in the long term. When the situation demands new rain gutter Utah and you opt to repair the gutters instead, you are courting trouble. The problems highlighted here are avoidable with proper maintenance, repairs and replacements.