The American Craftsman Style: A Primer

American CraftsmanEvery home improvement and décor store may have offerings sporting the ‘craftsman’ style. Uber Doors, a trusted retailer of various door styles, claims the resurgence of the craftsman style home in terms of popularity, amidst modernist designs in the market. Homeowners seem to prefer the craftsman style for its surprisingly modern yet old-world appeal.

The American Craftsman Motif: A Brief History

The craftsman style’s origins can be traced to two architects: brothers Charles and Henry Greene. The two worked together at the onset of the 20th Century in Pasadena, California. The Greene brothers’ vision for the American craftsman style was, as it is known, inspired by English Arts and Crafts movement. Said movement was a reaction against the Industrial Revolution, aiming to promote handmade products over machine-made ones.

What Defines A Craftsman Home

Craftsman style homes typically sport low-pitched gabled roofs, large front porches, and a predominance of wooden structural elements. Craftsman designers follow some sort of philosophical foundation: it focuses on a more functional look and naturally occurring materials; it also puts a premium on actual craftsmanship. Architects and pioneers strongly believe in achieving a healthier life by getting rid of overly complicated motifs and returning to a simpler style.

As previously iterated, craftsman homes are big on porches. It’s incredibly rare to find such a home without a porch, even if it’s only big enough to span the door. Craftsman bungalows look perfect with their sizeable porches, which were derived from the homes built by early British colonists in India.

Southern California features more craftsman style homes than almost anywhere else, though such homes are quite widespread on their own. Craftsman bungalows and the like enjoyed a popularity boom from the early 1900s to the roaring 20s. People loved the craftsman motif due to it being ‘distinctively American’— a straightforward-looking interior hidden behind excellent exterior aesthetics.

Craftsman style homes pride themselves as being both lookers and functional living spaces. In its ‘purest’ sense, a craftsman home is an abode constructed by hand using natural materials, aiming to exude a welcoming and peaceful vibe to anyone who enters.