The Art of Letting Go: Dealing with the Death of Loved One

Ogden News: How to Let Go of a Loved OneGoodbyes can become difficult and a bit awkward at times. This is especially true when you are saying farewell to someone who has recently passed away. With the burial only a few days away, learn how to prepare for the inevitable act of saying goodbye in a more constructive manner.

Here are some of those options: 

Journal Writing – Face it, it can be pretty difficult to deal with emotions resulting from someone’s death. It becomes even harder if you are required by many to be their source of strength and you have no one to express your feelings to. If you want a means of expression and reflection, write a memoir of your loved one’s last few days and get everything out in writing.

Go Out – Choose to take a loved one out or ask a friend or a group of pals to go out with you. Travel to the same places where you have wonderful memories of the one who went on before you and just reminisce. If you still can't handle that, then go to new sights and try out never before experienced thrills to create a new set of happy memories. If you have no one to take with you, you can still choose to do it alone.

Cry It Out – No matter how strong a person is there will always come a time that one will break because of the pressure. There’s no shame at all in crying especially if it's due to the death of someone close. Allow yourself time to grieve after the cremation or during the funeral service, says Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries. If you can't deal with other people seeing you crying, find a solitary place to do it and just weep freely.

Goodbyes aren’t can be a remarkable moment and can bring relief if done properly. Don’t look at this time as a mere tragedy but as a way of growing strong and moving forward. After all, death is a part of life and there is always the need to grow even from moments of sadness and separation.