The Best Landscaping and Gardening Styles

Colorful landscaped garden

You need not have an exotic plant on your property so you can gaze out of your window. There is a way you can create a piece of art on your property, and this is through designing your landscape to suit your desired view.

Getting an expert in landscaping services in Chanhassen, such as Outdoor Living & Landscaping, Inc., is essential to ensure the landscaping is done right. With the right approach, you can turn your surroundings into a masterpiece. Here are some classical landscaping styles you can choose.

English Garden Style

This landscaping style has its origins in early Roman times and blends informal and formal settings. The typical features in an English garden style include walls in a quintessential classical style, gently winding or straight pathways and stone garden elements like benches. The style, however, requires regular maintenance and high water usage.

Mediterranean Garden Style

This style draws inspiration from the Spain and southern Italy.  Planter boxes along your walls filled with flowering plants particularly the ones which spill over the sides is one of the distinguishing features of the Mediterranean style. Shaded seating areas and gravel pathways are also features of this style. Terra-cotta and mosaic pots are used to add vibrancy to the Mediterranean style.

Spanish Garden Style

This style is influenced by Persian, Moorish and Islamic landscaping approaches, and is popular in hot and dry climates. It uses distinct areas of your landscape to create various elements that create a unifying effect. Patios are created using walled sections while the terraces have a view of the landscape. Spanish garden styles have a focal feature and typically include ceramic tiles. Symmetry is also crucial in this landscape style.

Regular maintenance of your landscape is essential to keep it from becoming an eyesore. Retouches on your landscape style are necessary at regular intervals. Professional landscaping companies are the best managers to keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.