The Edge of Bilingual Education Offered by International Schools

Bilingual Education in DubaiBilingual education means the use of two languages by both teachers and students as a medium of instruction and as a regular mode of communication in school. International schools immerse their students in such a programme in order to shape up responsible and knowledgeable global citizens.

For children to be proper bilinguals, they apply the languages in daily communication rather than limit their ability to what they learn from the classroom. This enables children to be confident communicators with sharp brains and a social and cultural awareness.

Global Communication

Before anything else, the ability to converse and communicate in two different languages is a global advantage. It opens doors to networking and learning opportunities around the world and allows students to confidently communicate with others. The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai is aware of this, so they adopted bilingual programmes in French and German, as well as an English programme. Bilingual speakers acquire a global perspective which embraces different cultures.

Cognitive Advancement

Balancing the knowledge and use of different languages is like a mental workout. According to NYU Abu Dhabi, the process of alternating two languages in daily communication — and  not just learning them from a textbook — requires massive cognitive control, thus forming in the brains of bilinguals the ability to focus on significant tasks and disregard unimportant stimuli. Additionally, bilingual children have better memory and are more creative than their monolinguist counterparts.

Social and Emotional Awareness

Taught to switch from one thing to another, bilingual speakers are adaptive by nature. They know how to focus on two different matters without putting one above the other. Thus, they are attentive and aware of their surroundings and what’s going on in their minds. Bilingual speakers then learn to be sensitive and critical with whatever they encounter.

By teaching the ability to increase brain activity and improving societal skills while learning something nontechnical, bilingual education is good for your children.