The First Step to UK Immigration: Know the Laws

Laws of UKThere are various reasons why people want to enter the United Kingdom. Private law firm states most of those who manage to enter do so as tourists, students, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, family members, and those undergoing medical treatment and marriage or civil partnership.

If you wish to enter the United Kingdom for any of the given reasons or for others, you must be well-versed with the country’s immigration law.

Identifying Your Tier

The UK has a Points-Based System with a range or ‘Tiers’ of visitors who wish to enter the country. Tier 1 is for investors, entrepreneurs and exceptionally talented individuals who can contribute to the UK’s economic wealth and productivity. Tier 2 is for non-European Economic Area migrants who wish to work in the UK, including those who can fill shortage applications, those who are moving to their current employer’s UK branch, recognised religious workers, and internationally established athletes and their coaches.

Tier 3 was initially created for unskilled or low-skilled workers filling up a temporary labour need, but it has been suspended in favour of migrants from the EU. Tier 4 is for those who wish to study in the UK while Tier 5 is for temporary workers of 12 to 24-month periods. Tier 5 is also applicable to a working holiday of citizens from Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand, as well as British Overseas Territories Citizens and British Nationals overseas.

Obtaining Your Sponsorship

If you fall under Tier 1, you don’t need a sponsorship. To be given a Tier 2 visa, however, you need a Sponsorship License. Tiers 2 and 5 both require Certificates of Sponsorship. Tier 4 visa applicants, on the other hand, need to present a confirmation from the institution they got accepted into.

Applying for Citizenship

There are different ways, according to, for you to apply for British citizenship. Naturalisation is the most common and is for those who have given proof of their ability to live in the UK indefinitely. Meanwhile, registration is for children of British nationals born abroad as well as for adults in special circumstances.

Once you have properly identified which tier you fall under, secured your sponsorship, and familiarised yourself with the process of citizenship, you’re all set to begin your life in the UK.