The Good Parent Guide: Raising a Multilingual Child

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Exposure to diverse cultures and nationalities has helped many people, especially in terms of openness and career. Due to these, more parents are thinking about raising multilingual children. If you are one of them, here are the basic steps to remember:

Discuss the Pros and Cons

Parents, before deciding to raise a multilingual child, must thoroughly discuss the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. You and your partner must agree upon questions such as, ‘How can this affect our family?’ and ‘How will this benefit our child?’. Reaching a strong decision will greatly support your child and the endeavour.

Determine the Number of Languages

Multilingualism may be tough for children, but knowing the number of languages they must learn will tremendously advance their development. Choose a realistic number, one that your child (as you think it is) can adapt properly. According to international schools in Dubai that welcome German students, determining a child’s language capability depends on his or her native language and the school he or she attends.

Choose a Language System

There are two language systems related to multilingualism them being the One Person One Language System (OPOL) and the Minority Language at Home. Deciding on which system to implement depends if you are going to hire a language tutor or allow your child to join an immersion program. The language(s) that you and your spouse speak also contribute to your child’s learning.

Build a Network of Support

Your child may be confused upon knowing that they are learning more languages compared to kids of the same age. Prevent this from happening by building a support network for your child. Meet other parents who are raising multilingual children and gather them for discussions. Apart from helping your child find a group that he or she can belong to, this will also increase multilingualism knowledge.

Helping your child learn several languages will greatly benefit him in the future. Other than bridging him with different cultures, this will also boost his career. The process may be challenging, but it is definitely worth the try.