The LOLER and How It Helps You Avoid Elevation Platform Fouls

Men in Platform in StaffordshireForklifts and other elevated platforms are an important part of any industrial or construction workplace. Construction projects require great attention to safety, and high performing equipment manufactured to comply with stringent standards are a vital part of these undertakings.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Requirements (LOLER) is a set of safety guidelines that stresses the requirements for lifting equipment and operations. What are some important points outlined in LOLER, and how will they help you avoid elevation platform mishaps?


If you have been using an access platform hire, Staffordshire-based providers may have told you that their products have LOLER certificates. This means that the equipment has been tested for safety and stability, according to guidelines which require them to be engineered to lift and lower loads safely.

LOLER does not just examine the stability of the equipment; it also holds operators responsible for the proper installation and positioning of the equipment. Requirements for stability and design may vary from one lifting platform to another, and there are additional requirements for those that carry people. Some examples include working safely at heights and testing of the equipment prior to its sale in the market.

Helping You Avoid Mishaps

Lifting loads and working from heights increases the risk of accidents in the workplace, which is why the equipment used for these undertakings must comply with LOLER and other safety directives. Common forklift fouls such as overloading your equipment and operating a lifting platform that does not adhere to safety standards, can be avoided if you have a clear idea of LOLER.

Knowing about these requirements is the starting point to checking if your equipment complies with them, and ensuring you, the operator, will adhere to them as well. LOLER is an important set of guidelines, worth brushing up on for platform operators, manufacturers and any personnel working with load lifting equipment or machinery.