The Medical Worth of Massage Therapy and its Benefits to the Elderly

A Senior Having a Massage Therapy

A Senior Having a Massage TherapyHave you ever heard the saying, “Massage only relieves, not cures”? Thing is, that’s not completely true. Medical research has long since proven the need and effectiveness of physical therapy on patients especially those in their senior years. Expert massage therapy programs have been proven so effective they have now been made a part of elderly health regimens.

Reduces Alzheimer’s Symptoms – An early 1995 nursing study proved that message is an effective means of reducing agitation and dementia connected to Alzheimer’s. Slow-stroke back massages have also reduced pacing, resisting and wandering of most patients. It’s concluded that expert massage therapy can induce relaxation, which greatly reduces the aforementioned physical symptoms in Alzheimer’s. You can check with chiropractor clinics in Murray for further proof of this.

Relieves Parkinson’s Disease – Science has long proven the need for rest and relaxation for any age group. With the elderly, the need for constant medication, especially for chronic Parkinson’s disease, can decrease with the proper weekly geriatric massage. Research showed that these massage sessions reduces the body pains in a more natural way compared to painkillers and therefore, they’re ideal for seniors. This same principle of natural healing can also be applied to other illnesses such as depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension.

Improves Physical Capabilities – The inclusion of stretching techniques into massages allows the joints and muscles to retain their capacities and efficiency. Due to the extension of muscles’ movements, a senior’s muscular and joint actions can strengthen with continuous massage sessions. Other health problems that expert message has reportedly improved includes better sleep, stress relief, improved posture, and other physical issues connected to aging. Overall, it contributes to a senior’s physical well-being and encourages a healthier state of mind.

Regular professional massage isn’t simply a luxury that you treat yourself with when you need to relax. For the elderly, it’s a means of prolonging their well-being and improving their twilight years. Gift your seniors with a massage package to help them out with their health and they will truly appreciate you for it.