The New Driver’s Guide to Common Traffic Violations

The Wilmington police arrested 40-year-old Andre Daniels in mid-March 2017 with Man Being Subjected To a Breathalyzernumerous charges for robbery, child abuse, and a series of traffic violations including reckless driving and driving with a revoked license. His bail was set at $500,000.

As a new driver, it is wise to take note of Daniels’s traffic violations to avoid making them in the future. Here is a series of common violations that you should know about.

Reckless Driving

North Carolina’s reckless driving law states that all motorists should drive in a reasonably safe matter. Therefore, observe speed limits, and consider the rights and safety of others on the road at all times. Before handing a conviction, a judge will consider ttraffic and road and weather conditions.

Your local contact person for New Hanover County bail bonds may get you out of a reckless driving charge, keeping you out of jail. But the act would have already done the damage to people or public property.  So, it pays to be cautious driver.

Driving with a Revoked License

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revokes driver’s licenses for a variety of reasons: reckless driving, speeding, and driving while intoxicated (DWI), to name a few.

You might have gone out for drinks or sped through an empty highway, encountered a police officer, and ended up with a revoked license. Refrain from driving while waiting out the suspension period and before reinstatement — unless you want to pay a higher bail.

Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing an Officer

Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing an Officer (RDO) pertains to individuals who willfully and unlawfully resist, delay, or obstruct a public officer who is trying to discharge his duty. If you find yourself the subject of a traffic violation, stay calm. Talk it out with the officer instead of letting emotions control you.

Apart from these traffic violations, remember to always wear a seatbelt and to avoid texting while driving. By doing so, you are keeping other drivers and yourself safe from harm. Furthermore, it saves your loved ones from paying a hefty sum of money for bail, as in the case of Andre Daniels.