The One Workplace Safety Trick You Need to Know

take 5 safety

take 5 safetyEvery workplace should prioritise the employee’s health and safety above all others. Within industries where workers are required to work with hazardous materials or operate heavy machinery, one mistake could lead to catastrophe.

Take 5 For Safety

Workplace accidents are entirely avoidable in most cases. All that is required of workers and employers alike is to take precautions in every task and project. One popular and effective way is what is known in as ‘Take 5 for Safety’. It is 5 simple steps done in 5 minutes before you get going with the task at hand.

1. STOP to prepare mentally
2. LOOK around for possible risks
3. ASSES risks and consequences
4. MANAGE the area and situation to minimise risks
5. SAFELY begin your work

By taking five minutes, you could keep yourself and your fellow workers safe. As you have assessed the situation, this five minutes could help you streamline the task. You can save time in the long run through this method.

Other Safety Measures

In order for the above safety precaution to be successful, you need to make sure your work environment and facilities are suitable for the task. Inform your workers well by giving them information. You can do this by providing them with instructional materials, training sessions, and close supervision until they have mastered the use of tools and equipment.

Hire a workforce physically fit for manual tasks. As you wouldn’t use tools that are not in 100% working condition, allow your workers rest and sick days to be in prime form when operating machinery. Employees in good health minimise accidents and produce better results.

Ensure all your equipment meets all corresponding safety guidelines put in place by occupational health and safety departments. The same goes for your work’s premises, too. Review your processes, ensuring your systems of work also consider workplace and worker safety.