The Real Urban Jungle: Gardening in the City


GardeningOf all the things you can do in your home in the city, gardening must be low down on your list. Furthermore, as a city dweller, you probably have wondered why many people take to growing plants so much. For someone who lives with aerial pollutants on a daily basis, plants in or around your home can benefit you greatly.

You may not know the first thing about plants, especially if you lived your whole life in high streets, city centres or business areas. Nevertheless, Longacres and other garden centres can help you with the basic knowledge. You can even read some tips off the Internet. There is not much stopping you from starting a new hobby, apart from you taking interest in it.

If you have been thinking about fostering some vegetation in your home, this is the time to start. Pollution is not going to get better, so you might as well do the job yourself.

All About Vertical

Living in a flat will not give you enough space to create your own hanging gardens, but what you do have is ample vertical space. That is where you will work your soon-to-be-acquired gardening knowledge. Use a pallet or stacks of pots to start your garden. A single gardening project may be enough for now, as you do not really have much space to work with.

Rooting for Some Edibles

Since you are planting, you might as well grow something you can eat. As an amateur gardener, you have limited choices. Nonetheless, with blueberries, Welsh onions and leafy veggies, you will not be missing anything that grows in the city.

Grasping the Basics

If you know absolutely nothing about plants or growing them, fret not because it is not that hard. You only have to abide by a solitary rule: plants only need enough. More fertilizer, water or air does not necessarily mean that they will grow healthier or bigger. Some variants may require special attention; otherwise, your plants will be fine with sufficient care.

You may not acquire the skill that made John Codrington or John Treasure, but at least, you will have a garden you can call your own. It is so much more than what your neighbours have, so treasure it. You can even eat some of the plants you grew!