The Rise of the Fitness Boutique Studio

fitness gym
As more and more people take steps to become healthier and fitter, more and more people are opening up their own gyms. This gave rise to fitness boutique studios, also known as “boutique gyms.” Fitness boutiques are often independent, small businesses that are nevertheless very successful.

Some companies even use gym management software to keep track of all of their members, their payments, and the classes they have enrolled in. Fitness boutiques have been around for quite some time now but became especially popular sometime in the past three years.

Small Studio, Big Concepts

Boutique businesses have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the past years. In fact, in 2014, boutique fitness studios made up 20 percent of the fitness provider market.

These tiny fitness studios are named after the quaint boutique hotels of Europe, who pride themselves on providing excellent service, despite only having a handful of rooms in a small building. Boutique studios are the same, in that they offer specialized fitness classes, often situated in an actual studio apartment. Many fitness instructors convert their apartments to run their businesses.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of boutique studios is that they tend to specialize in just one thing; yoga, dance classes, martial arts, and boot camps are especially popular. Some fitness boutiques even offer less popular indoor sports, like squash. It gives people a chance to try something new and shake up their workout routines. Boutique studios may be small, but they have big concepts and are not afraid to experiment.

The New Date Place

Boutique studios are also becoming some kind of new date place. For example, it is not unusual for groups of friends to go out and take classes together at their local fitness boutique. Couples who want to lose weight together also give these fitness studios a try instead of having a fancy dinner or sitting around watching a movie.

Fitness studios are the new social scene, and more people are choosing this as a healthy alternative to going to bars and restaurants. The popularity of boutique studios will only keep rising in the next few years.