The Role of a Paralegal in Family Law Proceedings

Family LawAre you considering a paralegal career? If yes, it’s a great decision. After all, paralegals have a lot of opportunities these days. For one, you can work in law firms with family law as their specialty area. With more couples divorcing these days, working as a paralegal in such law firms is a viable option. 

But before you submit your resume, read on to know your role in family law proceedings.

Knowing the Rules of the Court

Family law proceedings vary from state to state. Thus, it is essential that you are knowledgeable about how the family law works in your area. This way, you’ll be more prepared once you interview a client or complete a legal transaction.

Interviewing the Client

More often than not, paralegals sit in on client meetings. In some cases, lawyers let the paralegals conduct the interview by themselves. But whichever one happens, it is best that you’re equipped with competent interview skills so you can gather all the significant information.

Drafting the Complaint

From all the information collected in the interview, the lawyer must prepare a complaint or a case against the other party. However, many attorneys delegate this task to the paralegals. So, it is significant that you familiarize yourself with this process, as well as with other court required forms.

Keeping the File

The Center For Legal Studies always says that maintaining clean records of the clients is one of the paralegals’ huge responsibilities. It is essential that you follow a system. Create two folders of files for each client, for instance. One will include the client’s personal information and other documents, while the other should contain all the litigation files.

Paralegals play important roles in divorce, child custody, and other family law proceedings. With your help, the legal processes will be more convenient and organized not only for the lawyer but the client, as well.