The Secret Of Right Brain Training

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the BrainMost parents know that each child has different brain wirings. Even parents who have the same parents have various abilities. One child may be good at remembering all the tiny details while his sibling struggles to remember to do their homework. Certain mental abilities bring this difference about. These capabilities are executive functions of the brain; they influence your child’s potential for success both in school and in life.

It is possible to manipulate your child’s brain wiring, hence improving their mental abilities such as memory. It means that even a child who has poor memory can improve their memory through right brain training.

Attain this by engaging in right brain training exercises or games. Young children learn through these games. Engage in games that target the right side of the brain, and you will help your child improve their executive functions.

Here are some exciting games that help your child have healthy brain development.

Deep Breathing

Teach your children to take deep breaths that involve most parts of the body. It enhances their memory and helps them control their emotions better.

Body and Brain coordination exercise

When you exercise the brain, you help it to function better. When you do it simultaneously with the body, it helps their body and brain to stay in sync. Examples of games that your children play to stimulate the right side of the brain are toe wiggling and using the non-dominant hand more often.


The Heguru Education Centre cites that if you involve your younger children in activities that will require them to concentrate on an activity for a longer period improves their memory. For example, give them building blocks, and wait and see whether they can match the blocks appropriately to build a familiar object.


Take time to talk to your children every day this enables them to develop their conversational skills. Tell them about your day and how you solved the challenges that you encountered. It will teach them some problem solving skills.

You may enlist the help of professionals who are familiar with right brain training for babies to help you stimulate your child’s right brain.