The Selfie Trend Drives Demand for Age-Defying Treatments

Women Choosing Botox Treatments

Women Choosing Botox TreatmentsPose, pout, post—we live in the age of the selfie. The continued rise of social media use has influenced many aspects of our lives, so much so that it has become a channel for exploring self-image. More people choose to improve their facial appearance to look good in their self-portraits and of course, in actual life.

The Picture-Perfect and Age-Defying Trend

Recent studies show that the selfie trend is driving demand for cosmetic procedures like Botox. Researchers found that both men and women are now more increasingly aware of the aging process, and it is no wonder Botox tops the most common cosmetic procedures.

Experts from the Botox Training Club explain that this surge in demand for Botox treatments increases the demand for practitioners in the facial aesthetic business.

Demand for Cosmetic Procedures

According to the proponents of the study, men are most concerned with wrinkles, while women want to keep a youthful appearance and well-proportioned face. These preferences drive the demand for Botox.

Statistics show that the number of women choosing Botox treatments to look young has increased by 15% in the past year. More than a million procedures are conducted every year for the first time. In the case of treatments for men, a UK clinic featured in one news report experienced a 200% increase in patients from 2011 to 2013.

The biggest reason people choose this treatment is its advantages over plastic surgery, its closest rival. Botox procedures are faster and simpler—the whole thing takes just a few minutes, even seconds, unlike plastic surgery, where patients have to wait a certain period for recovery. Because of the nature of Botox treatments, they cost less and cause less pain.

Urgent Need for Professionals

With more people being look-conscious in the age of selfies and the demand for Botox treatments growing, there is an urgent demand for professionals who administer such cosmetic procedures.

Industry analysts also recognise the fact that high-quality training is equally important. While there is a lucrative career waiting for people who plan to enter the facial aesthetics industry, investment even before the start of the actual business is necessary. Botox training courses help hone skills, manage business operations and improve customer service.

Research proves that the selfie trend has far-reaching consequences; it’s now driving the demand for cosmetic treatments. This presents a challenge for the healthcare industry to generate more equipped and skilful professionals.