The Single Woman’s Guide to High-Rise Living

Jacuzzi in LahugThe picture of a single individual looking at condominiums often shows the image of a man. It’s always a single guy in search for the perfect bachelor pad.

But men aren’t the only ones with the power to buy their own place.

Admittedly, bachelor pads are a popular concept; the idea of buying your first condo is more of a man’s chore instead of a woman’s. But today’s single and professional females prove society wrong as they rise to the ranks, taking the top positions and earning the money to buy their own space.

As a single woman, there are additional considerations when it comes to searching for the perfect space. No matter where you choose to live, be it at 32 Sanson by Rockwell or other condominiums, it pays to be a picky girl on the market.

Safety — Topmost Priority

Women are more concerned with safety compared to their male counterparts. Security obviously tops the list of requirements for your new unit. After all, you wouldn’t want to still feel anxious once you reach your doorstep.

Learn more about your new neighborhood before you sign. Use the internet to research area statistics and news that concerns security nearby. Talking with the neighbors and local police precinct also helps. You can also check safety by driving around the area during the day and night.

Be Budget Savvy

Every girl wants that perfect unit that comes with a Jacuzzi and other amazing amenities. But can your budget accommodate those wants?

As a one-person income household, all of your decisions also rely on your budget. Remember, you do not have another person to fall back on (unless your parents want to help out). Choose a unit that fits your budget but also comes with enough amenities. When you stay within your means, no need to worry about unforeseen or unexpected life changes.

There’s nothing more empowering than buying your personal sanctuary. Just like relationships, make it count by finding the right one.