The Usual Dirt and Foil: 3 Places of Attention in Cleaning House

Plumbing in Christchurch

Plumbing in ChristchurchHaving a nice vacation home in Christchurch, New Zealand is all well and good. But you do now that it is still subject to the usual household chores. Wherever you live, your house still needs its due maintenance. That is why you schedule and implement regular cleaning days, where you use commit the entire day to tidying up and taking out the trash. It is routine, tedious but necessary chore. Some people hate this as it takes an insane amount of discipline and commitment to follow through.

Walton Plumbing notes that if need be, you can simplify and streamline the cleaning day by implementing a more frequent cleaning schedule focusing only on three key areas.

The General Rooms

General rooms pertain to the parts of the house you frequently use such as the master’s bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. The thing to be done here is only the superficial cleaning. Once a day commit to sweeping and mopping the floor in these areas. Every other day, take out the trash so that it does not pile up and clutter.

Doing this religiously will instil the habit upon you, and help make that discipline better when it is time to clean the entire house again for the month. Aside from this, it will give you a better atmosphere or mood when you are spending time at your house – knowing that it is well taken care of everyday.

The Bathroom

Separate from the general living spaces, the bathroom needs special mention. The bathroom is a private space – even more private than your bedroom. This is where you take showers, clean yourself, and generally do your business. Hence, it is important to keep this squeaky clean every week. There is nothing more repulsive than an ill-kept bathroom with the floors caking with scum, and the toilet clogged. Bathrooms harbour their fair share of disease-causing bacteria – and you don’t want that threatening your health or anyone else in the household.

Once a week give the floors a good scrub, the toilet a brushing, and the drainage a flushing. Call the local plumber if you have too. There is nothing more comforting in the morning than going to the bathroom smelling like lavender and roses for your morning glory.

The Porch

The porch generally pertains to the outside lawn or lot of your house. Appearances matter, and if the front of your house looks rundown and always littered with fallen leaves and whatnot, it will not be a sight to be pleased of. More than that, the outside of your house is a reflection of the owner’s own cleanliness standards, so give this its due attention. At least every other day, sweep the porch, rake the leaves, and clear the front of clutter.

Stick to cleaning these three areas religiously, and you will not have want for a cleaning day too often, and will also take a burden off you when you finally decide it is time for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your place.