The Value of Litigation Support Services in Salt Lake City

Litigation Support

Litigation SupportIf you ever find yourself in litigation as a plaintiff or defendant, the first thing you look for is a good lawyer. If it is a criminal case, you look for a criminal lawyer. If it is a civil case such as a personal injury lawsuit, you look for a personal injury lawyer. However, you should know that your lawyer is not a lone ranger. In any type of litigation, you will need litigation support services.


Litigation support services, like, serve as the back office of the lawyer. They supply everything needed for the front act, but they work behind the scenes. They gather and process the information that the lawyer uses to make your case. Typical support service professionals include accountants, private investigators, and court reporters. The people in support services are not lawyers and usually do not appear in court. In most cases, lawyers hire companies that specialize in this service. It is more cost-effective because these companies can do the work efficiently.


A good way to think of litigation support is as a sidekick to a superhero. While it may be laughable to picture your smartly dressed lawyers in masks and tights, they are the star of the show. However, the hotshot lawyer does not just pull the documents and proof they use in court out of a hat. They use litigation support services to produce these documents through research, investigation, and analysis. These include:

  • Depositions
  • Damage assessment
  • Forensic accounting
  • Hospital records
  • Medical studies

Lawyers are not omniscient. They know the law, but they still need help to prove their cases. They can gather the evidence and documents they need on their own, but it will cost more and take longer.

In some instances, they still have to hire someone to do the work for them, such as a state certified accountant or court reporter. Litigation support services just make it easier and more affordable for everyone.