Things You Should Start Doing To Never Lose Your Car Keys

Car Keys

Car KeysAre you tired of misplacing your keys? Surely, this has happened to you at least once, if not more. There are ways to decrease the likelihood of this happening frequently. It’s not going to be easy-peasy, but with persistence and determination, you’ll never lose sight of your car keys again.

As much as it is good business for locksmith’s all over America, My Locksmith-Miami doesn’t want you to get into trouble. So here are tips from the pros that can help you to never misplace your car keys anymore.

Lock Your Car with the Keys

Sure the many advancements of technology has made locking your cars as easy as just pressing a button, but going back to the basics may just save you a lot of trouble. Don’t be one of those people who keep locking their cars with the keys inside. Think of it as exercise. Create a physical routine for your “locking” activity and make it a point to follow it, every single time. After 21 days, it’ll be a habit.

Increase Physical Connection

If you can, make sure to always have your keys where you can reach and feel them. If possible, try to have it linked to your body, with some of the old school goodies, namely chains (the ones with small links) and the good old spiral cord that stretches out for convenience.

Get a feel of your keys and never forget what it feels like in your hand and your pocket—the physical familiarity will help you a lot.

Always Look Back

It might be a lot of trouble to go through, but making the decision to always look back will give you a higher chance of not forgetting where you left your keys.

Make it a habit to take a second look at their car, house or purse to make sure their missing stuff isn’t there. Take the chance of double-checking to double-up the likelihood of not forgetting your beloved car keys.

Everything seems impossible until it is done. Try it out and see if the method works for you. Stick to the habit and your car keys will always stick with you, too.