Three Areas of the House that Should Always Be Clean

Clean House

Spring cleaning is not the only time you should be de-cluttering and storing things you’re not using. It’s also not enough to vacuum the house once every month. To keep everyone from harmful allergens and to be ready for unexpected visitors, be proactive when it comes to keeping the house clean.

These areas should always be spotless:


Everyone uses the bathroom — including your guests. You do not want to have to tell them to wait a few minutes while you do some last-minute scrubbing. They will judge you for the state of your bathrooms, so make it a habit to clean it regularly. You might also want to consider modern bathroom counter tops in Layton, preferably ones that match your bathroom and kitchen tiles, to make your house look more appealing.

Living Room

The receiving area is where you invite your guests to wait and hang out. This is where you entertain them. This is also where the family spends some time together, so this should always be presentable. Keep some storage bins under the couches, or perhaps use them as a makeshift table. Avoid leaving clutter everywhere. If you have kids, teach them to clean up after playing with their toys, so that no one gets in an accident with those evil Lego blocks or toy cars.

Dining Area

Everyone needs to eat, so your dining area should also be spotless. The plates should be cleaned, dried, and stacked properly, and the chairs should not be in disarray. It wouldn’t hurt to keep some decorative items in the area, such as artwork and a cabinet of your best china, as long as everything is organized. You do not want the dining area to seem stuffy, as well.

The key to a beautiful home is keeping the living areas well-maintained. From landscaping to bathroom remodeling, you have so many easy options.