What Not to Do: Three Common Mistakes in Landscaping

gardening experts

gardening expertsWith gardens overflowing with colourful flowers and arranged trees, it’s obvious that landscaping is a favourite hobby in Kent. Many homeowners enjoy creating scenes you’d love to immortalise in a picture. Landscaping is a home art that takes a lot of work, dedication and imagination to pull off. Most people give it a shot and give up halfway through, or don’t look far ahead enough see what their garden will look like after everything grows.

Local experts like Oakleigh Manor do not just design lawns and gardens. They also educate homeowners on the most common mistakes done when trying to do a DIY project. These are some of the worst things you can do in your garden:

Too Many Lawn Ornaments

A lawn gnome is cute, a flamingo catches the eye, but ten or more of each will make your lawn look like a dump. Lawn ornaments are a good way to get attention, but they’re supposed to be the opening act. Your garden should be the main attraction to make people stop and admire the beauty of your home. Ornaments work better in ones and twos with a single theme in mind.

Not Cleaning Up

Most people don’t realise, when starting a project, how much waste the work they’re going to do involves. At the end of the day, there’ll be branches, clippings, and debris everywhere, and you’ll be too exhausted to pick up after yourself. Prepare yourself mentally for the inevitable. Allot a certain number of hours for the clean-up so you’re not entirely drained at the end of it. Also, try to dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way; you’re using nature to make your home more attractive, just give a little back.

Using the Wrong Tools

The kind and size of your tools not only dictate the outcome of your work, but the time it takes to do it. Gardening tools are specialised for certain parts of the lawn. You wouldn’t use pruning shears to cut grass, would you? Not only would the grass look terrible, it would take forever. Visualise the scope of the work you want to do and prepare the tools needed to get them done. Also, be sure to keep safety equipment like goggles and gloves in stock. Gardening experts and designers in Kent have the tools and information on proper gardening essentials and maintenance.

If you’re thinking about starting your own lawn design, keep in mind that it’ll be a long-term project. It will take days of planning and execution, you may not see the result for months. Nevertheless, when you do, your home will be envy of the neighbourhood.