Timeless Olsen Design: The Furniture That’s Perfect for Any Space

space-saving furniture

Modern space-saving furniture allows small homes to have the essentials without sacrificing space and comfort. The Hans Olsen table became popular in the 1960s for its form and functionality – and it continues to be popular today.

The Perfect Circle

The popularity of the Hans Olsen table, as experts at Authentic Provence could tell you, started immediately after the design was released in the 1960s. The table that’s known as a dinette is a creation of a Danish furniture making genius, Hans Olsen. It was a hit when it first came out and continues to be an inspiration for today’s space-saving dining furniture. The set that’s aptly called a dinette is a small round table that seats four, and the three-legged chairs neatly tuck into the table’s border, creating a perfect round table design.

Sleek and Polished Look

The small table that packs a lot of style is the right combination of simplicity and subtle eccentricity, while staying practical. The Scandinavian look lends an elegant minimalist appeal to any room, filling the space without cramping it. There’s also an extendable 4-seater Roundette model that folds out into a larger table that can seat up to six a very practical space-saving furniture design for any type of space.

Compatible with Traditional and Modern Interior

A timeless work of art, the simple yet elegant design of a Roundette can seamlessly blend with various interior designs, from retro to modern spaces, especially minimalist ones. It has a streamlined look that’s perfect to fill a corner spot in a large room or fit a dining space in a smaller home.

So whether you have a lovely nook to fill or need a dining table that won’t take up a lot of space but can be expanded to accommodate a couple more seats, the Roundette is the ideal piece for you. It fits, it’s right and it’s designed with your furniture needs in mind.