Top 3 Tips to Help Protect Your Valuables in Storage

storage unit

storage unitFinding a facility for storage in Perth is not similar to looking for a needle in a pile of hay, as it is much easier. Another thing is that because there is a long line of storage facilities scattered along the CBD alone. These facilities offer affordable prices so making a choice wouldn’t be too difficult.

You just have to remember the following tips before putting your stuff up for storage:

Pile It Up Atop Pallets

Pallets commonly organise shipments, especially those to be shipped on storage vans via sea cargo.

Pallets effectively prevent the shipments from getting wet should sea-water seep into the floor of the storage container. It can also be used for the same purpose in self-storage to protect your valuables from the dampness of the floors and from dirt.

Label Everything

Write the contents of each box on a sticker and stick it into a visible part of the box. This way, you won’t have to root around for hours just to look for one item later on. Some people assume that because they packed the boxes, they would know exactly what the contents are even after six months.

This is often not the case with self-storage. So don’t just label it in general terms like ‘kitchen utensils’. Be sure to itemise the contents.

Protect the Valuables

Putting valuable items such as collectibles and antiques in storage Perth residents trust is often not advisable because the climate control in such facilities can easily ruin them. Still, if this is a matter of necessity, wrap the items in protective covering. Use only plain wrapping paper for wrapping glassware and other breakable items and then place it inside boxes with a buffering of bubble wrap along the sides. Wrap your books up in protective book covers, too.

Putting your things into storage in Perth requires careful planning. In line with this, start packing your stuff up as early as possible.